"We found ourselves to have similar tastes and opposing strengths."

“We believe in discovering and reinvesting into the visions of aspiring artists”

Vesperia Films was created after founders Dakota Daulby and Harrison Houde met at a film award show in Vancouver, Canada.

With a common desire to tell impactful stories, Harrison and Dakota got busy, asking friends for favors, renting a shitty motel where the room door fell off its hinges (literally), and nearly getting arrested on a set of train tracks, all this to capture their first short film moments.

It was at 4 AM in a dirty diner booth, with questionable breakfast burritos in hand, the groggy pair took a blood oath to tell unique, uncompromising, and empowering stories for their ENTIRE LIVES.

Fast forward years later and you'll find the award-winning pair are doing just that, but... with more permits and stuff.

What is Vesperia?

Vesperia is a word from roman mythology meaning “the land of the evening star” and was a name originally proposed for the name of our beautiful country Canada. Choosing Vesperia Films is part homage to our Canadian roots.

Dakota and Harrison share the passion to help fund young, emerging filmmakers in creating their own films. Together, they have made sure Vesperia Films will donate a portion of their annual earnings to youth in arts specific charities to help encourage the development of young artists, with a greater goal of launching their own production grant for emerging filmmakers.

Our Mission

Vesperia Films goal is to empower visionary creatives. Vesperia is creating unique, stylized, and tasteful film/TV that appeals to a wide variety of audiences. Vesperia Films will identify and work with emerging talent to bing new stories from script to screen.

Meet the Team


Harrison Houde
Harrison Houde is a Canadian Academy award winning actor, an early adopter of YouTube with 2+ million hits, and now 2 million+ on TikTok. Harrison has a clear and natural understanding of how to target and capture attention. His various sketch-comedy and parody videos found followers from around the world, and his talent went on to land him on screen acting credits, appearing as a lead in 100+ episodes of TV. Harrison's quirky and stylistic short films have been featured at Cannes (Telefilm Not Short on Talent), and countless festivals. Harrison has a deep love for and understanding of cinema, comedy, and music.
Dakota Daulby
Dakota Daulby is UBCP/ACTRA’s “Best Emerging Performer” with extensive acting training and a complimentary diverse business portfolio behind the camera. Dakota has experience as a development content executive with New Image Entertainment and has also written and produced numerous independent films. He has notably worked with Alison Roney, the Executive Vice President of Production at Bron Studios, and with Justin Haut, head of Physical Production at Netflix. Dakota cares deeply about the storytelling and characters on screen.

The Team

Jan Sikora
Assistant Producer
Jan Sikora born in Warsaw, Poland. After graduating in Spatial Development from University of Warsaw, Jan decided to pursue his dreams in the film industry, graduating from New Image College in Vancouver, Canada. He aspires to share and represent his Slavic culture all over the world. With extensive knowledge and experience of Karate Shōtōkan and multiple other sports disciplines, Jan's favorite films are fantasy, and action films. His previous work includes Lionsgate, and Netflix giving him a solid grasp on film pre-production.
Mia Bernier
Marketing Assistant
Mia is Canadian born, with a California soul, and currently NYC living. Mia brings her business experience, and creative eye to the table at Vesperia Films. Graduating UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, she is a fantastic addition to the team at Vesperia. Whether she is giving her honest thoughts for any creative ideas, or for business consulting advice, Mia is ready to jump into action. She loves project based creative work (music, art, creative souls). She has a keen-eye for talent, and often is the first to discover up-and-comers. She is the original “Social Influencer”, a master at meeting new people in any social situation.
Lana Maile
Lana has split her time living in both Vancouver, Canada and Tokyo, Japan. She didn’t want to spend years climbing a corporate ladder. Graduating Waseda University with a Bachelor in Social Sciences, Lana runs a holistic health business and assists Vesperia Films on a project to project basis. She has a worldly understanding, focused on health and wellness, and is very task oriented. Lana is a “soul enhancer” and she brings her soul enhancing vibes to her work with Vesperia.